PD Movement Lab Brooklyn Class 3

Mark Morris Dance Group | Pamela Quinn with musical accompaniment by Tigger Benford
Friday, February 22, 2019, 2:06 PM

Many elements of dance–especially rhythm and the use of imagery–are combined to create strategies to overcome common PD symptoms and to enable moving in all kinds of real-life situations: elevators, crowds, at home and outside. Class focuses on function and physical expression, all the while striving to help the students live life to the fullest extent possible. Challenging, creative, serious, fun. Pamela Quinn is a professional dancer who has had Parkinson’s disease for over twenty years. Her personal experience of PD combined with her keen knowledge of the body derived from dance training gives her a unique position from which to analyze patients’ physical functioning and to imagine creative solutions to the problems posed by PD. Using a combination of cuing systems, music, dance, athletic drills, imagery and physical strategies, she gives people concrete tools to improve mobility. She had presented her work at numerous World Parkinson Congresses, neurological conferences and Universities at both home and abroad. She teaches regularly for the Manhattan JCC and at the Mark Morris Dance Center. She is a frequent collaborator with David Leventhal, is known for her original videos, and thinks of herself as a PD coach. To learn more, visit www.pdmovementlab.com.



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